Foundation Journey of the Razzia

Journey through the Hinterland (Reis door het Achterland) is a publication of Foundation Journey of the Razzia (Stichting Reis van de Razzia). The Foundation was founded on the 30th of May 2012. The Non Profit Foundation resides in Rotterdam and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under the name Stichting Reis van de Razzia, No. 55 39 30 39.

The mission of the Foundation is to advance those ‘Lieux de Memoire’ that concern the matter of ‘room for manouvre in societies under pressure’ by producing Archival Art based on research, film and co-operative practices and all that might contribute to that.

The foundation was founded in 2012 to contribute to the commemoration of the razzia, or roundup, of Rotterdam and Schiedam. The current foundation board has carried out that task and has adjusted the original objective to be able to investigate the themes discussed in a broader context.

The project Journey of the Razzia describes the intimate and horrific experiences of some of the the approx. 52.000 “Wayfarers from the Razzia” who were brutally abducted during the Razzia of 1944 in Rotterdam and Schiedam. By erecting a visual monument for the men (between 17 and 40 years old) who were summoned -at gunpoint- to report for Labor Duties in the German Reich, their collective and individual memory will remain an Edificational Touchstone for generations to come.  The Foundation publishes and archives the testimonials and warrants these for a future generation.

As a Foundation we aim to constantly verify our aims against our research into “room for manoeuvre for individuals in society under pressure” , i.e. examining current collective action, conduct of individual or communal prerogative action in order to show the ability to be an adversary for the common good.

Foundation Journey of the Razzia is a non-profit organisation. The annual reports are -in accordance with Dutch law- made public. The information can be found at the following site: