Friends in a Cold Climate about the position of Germany in Europe.

I remember some discussions with my French friends when Germany wanted to be united together. I feel when I speak with them I feel there is something. There is something they speak, don’t speak about.

Jutta studied Civil Service, in Stuttgart. She worked in Esslingen as the leader of the office of International Relationships. “My work was mainly with twin towns, Esslingen has a very good tradition in Town Twinning. And I also worked with European programmes, foundations etc. I worked directly for the mayor, no other chief above me so that was very good because I only had to ask one person. If I wanted to do something.“

The friends asked: how do you think about those this big Germany East and West Germany together. How do you think about it, I say, oh yeah, it’s okay. For me it’s okay. These are Germans and we want to be together. And we are very happy that the wall fell down. And Jean-Francois said to me: yeah I understand but do you understand that we have, we are a little bit anxious about that. I couldn’t understand why anxious. Why? He said because I think it’s not so good that Germany is whole, is together and I say: do you think about what happened in the Second World War? Yes he said, I think Germany should not be as big as it was. That was hard, hard for me to to understand and we talked a lot about that and I don’t know what why they were anxious about. This, I could not believe. Do you know why?